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VDM , VLDB and Data Warehouse Design:

We are architects/designers of data warehouse and VLDB systems since the early 90s and provide specialized consulting services and customized solutions to businesses that build and maintain large data warehouses.

We call our methodogy "The Versioned Dimensional Model" (VDM). It originated in 1991, before dimensional modeling was publicized by Kimball. The earliest publications (1992) were in the Relational Journal (Codd and Date's Relational Institute) and later through the 90s in trade magazines and presented in conferences. Since 2000 various white papers and reports have been only available to existing and prospective customers upon request.

VDM is more of a practitioner's notebook and a toolbox than a sequential process, appropriate for robust data warehousing and decision support environments of a wide spectrum of complexity and size.
We specialize in parallel DB2/UDB.

Aggregation Strategy Deployment:

We offer an Aggregation Strategy and Architecture rapid deployment program that helps IT organizations harvest the power of aggregate tables, materialized query tables (MQT) and Multidimensional Clustering. The core program is six to eight weeks, and includes review of the existing design, introduction to the methodology, analysis and selection of optimal aggregations for a fact family (e.g. sales), design and delivery of customized templates and code generation scripts that automate maintenance activities, and finally education and query design with samples that demonstrate performance enhancements. At the end you are left with working code and a working system that can expand for larger deployment, and a comprehensive list of recommendations for further enhancements to improve stability, performance and flexibility to your implementation.

Architecture & Integration Services:

A well-balanced architecture from disk subsystems,  to database and application servers is paramount to achieving cost effectiveness and performance. We help customers with such deployment, performance assessment, and correction of database and ETL environment, and often work directly with IBM and ETL vendors to resolve issues on behalf of our customers.
Another aspect of good architecture is the exploitation of parallelism and pipelining inside the database engine, but also in relation to the inbound and outbound components, such as ETL and application/tool access. We assist customers in the design and implementation of tools and applications to better exploit the parallelism and scalability of the total system, not just DB2. We recently assisted a large retailer to implement an I2 Demand Management implementation using the parallel version of DB2 to meet interactive and batch performance goals.  


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